My name is Kristi Sullivan and I have been helping people achieve financial security since 1996. I am a fee-only financial planner and public speaker. I do no investment or insurance sales for commissions. My clients pay me for guidance through their financial questions. I also work with employers to educate their employees about personal finance. I have been helping people make financial decisions for 18 years. I have worked in employee benefits and with individual clients/families. I hold the Certified Financial Planner designation. Sullivan Financial Planning, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory firm with the State of Colorado. Areas of expertise include prioritizing savings goals, investment allocation, and wealth manager searches.

You know you re an old adviser when

Investment News quotes Kristi Sullivan on the old days of Financial Advising

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Thanks for the Referrals!

It’s November and what a perfect time to thank my wonderful network of friends, clients, and colleagues for giving my name to their friends, clients, and colleagues! So, here is a list (in no particular order and probably incomplete) of people who have referred Sullivan Financial Planning in 2015: Erica Johnson, Ambler and Keenan David…

Financial Get On With Being an Adult Tips

The Denver Post recently reprinted a list from Kiplinger Washington Editors called “9 financial get-on-with-being-an-adult tips for your 30s.”  The list included: Advance your career Rethink your budget Write Your will Pay off non-mortgage debt Save at least 15% of your income for retirement Adjust your insurance coverage Increase your emergency fund Diversify and rebalance…