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Annual Valentine’s Day Message

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, it does come with some great candy. Here is a quick recap of Valentine’s Day related investments (as of January 28th) to get you thinking about how to incorporate holidays into your investment management plans.


Nestle (NSRGY), is down 1.26% for the past 12 months, but doing much better than the industry average of -12.26%.


Hershey (HSY) is down 6.32%. Worse than Nestle, but still better than the food category loss of 12.26% in the same period.


1-800 (FLWS) is up 14.59% in the year ending 1/28/19, beating its peers in the internet and direct marketing category by over 10%.


Most of the greeting card companies (Hallmark and American Greetings) have been taken private, so nothing to report there.


I leave you with my favorite Tweet regarding Valentine’s Day:

“White chocolate: The Valentine’s Day gift that says, ‘I don’t really love you.’ “


Thanks, @Reverend_Scott.

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