No Sales, Just Good Advice.

Objective financial guidance that answers today’s questions while planning for tomorrow.

You are looking for answers.

You’re ready to make important financial decisions and you have a good start, but you can’t find anyone who will answer your questions without a huge commitment of time and fees. Kristi Sullivan, CFP®, gives you the advice you need when you need it.

What you can expect:

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Kristi Sullivan, CFP®

I believe that good financial advice is more than picking investments and making trades.  Sullivan Financial Planning is structured to help people make informed life decisions while understanding the financial implications.

My clients pay for the advice needed to answer their pressing money questions.  Fees are determined on a sliding scale based on your net worth and annual income.

There are no commissioned product sales and I do not take over your assets to manage for an annual fee.

Three Surprising Facts About Financial Planning

It’s fun

It is a rare appointment that I don’t share at least one big laugh with clients.

It’s freeing

Knowing what’s good and what you can improve feels much better than living with uncertainty.

It’s fast

Your time is important, so I am efficient while being thorough.

Adding a financial planner as part of your advice team can help you achieve your unique life vision.

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