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My name is Kristi Sullivan, and since 1996, I have been helping people achieve financial security.

Sullivan Financial Planning was founded in 2007 with the vision of helping clients realize their financial goals, not sell them investment products.  Customers pay by the hour for financial and investment advice.

There is no follow up sales pitch for insurance, annuities, money management, or commissioned investments.  The advice I provide clients is what I would do myself or recommend to my own family.

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According to a study by Capital One only 49% of Americans have a long-term financial plan. This could be because:

Kristi Sullivan | Denver Fee Only Financial Planner | Sullivan Financial Planning

think the financial services industry is filled with creeps and shady salespeople

Kristi Sullivan | financial advisor denver | Sullivan Financial Planning

feel dental visits are less painful than financial planning

Kristi Sullivan | investment management | Sullivan Financial Planning

believe the guy they sat next to on the bus had some really smart ideas about finances

Kristi Sullivan | fee based financial planner denver | Sullivan Financial Planning

are sure that only people who are already wealthy can use a financial planner

Adding a financial planner as part of your advice team can
help you achieve your unique life vision.

Work with a financial adviser and find out for yourself which 1 out of the four is true. 

*Numbers not based on actual polls. Mostly made up by Kristi

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