5 Funny Quotes About Skiing

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Not sure if I’ve mentioned it in this blog, but I love to ski.  As a naturally uncoordinated, slow person (no, I did NOT play basketball/volleyball/competitive swimming despite being almost 6 feet tall), skiing is the only sport I’ve ever even remotely looked good doing.  For fellow skiers, have a laugh while thinking about your next powder day!


“Cross country skiing is great.  If you live in a small country.”  Steven Wright


“Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking trees down with your face.”  Dave Barry


“You’d think skiing wouldn’t be strenuous – all you have toe do, after all, is s tart at the top and let gravity pull you to the dessert bar in the lodge.  But at those elevations, you’ll find about as much oxygen as you’ll find kindness from your children.  It’s like spending six hours holding your breath.”  W. Bruce Cameron


“I didn’t start skiing until I was 50.  My wife Lois taught me to ski.  I’m proficiently conservative.”  Buzz Aldrin


“Skiing: The art of catching cold and going broke while rapidly heading nowhere at great personal risk.”  Author Unknown


Pray for snow, people!


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