Inexpensive Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

winter blues, denver financial advisor

Long winter days got you down?  You are not alone?  Fifteen to twenty five percent of people are thought to be affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Even if you don’t have all of the symptoms of SAD, you might be experiencing the winter blues.


Since I want you to save for retirement/college/emergency funds, my recommendation for fending off the cold-weather blues can’t be pricey vacations to the Cayman Islands.  Instead, try these ideas.


Light Therapy Boxes (about $40 on Amazon) used in the morning for 30 minutes can help manage your sleep cycles and production of melatonin.


Try Aromatherapy by using essential oils to help regulate mood, initiate sleep, and regulate appetite.


Get Out!  Yes, it’s cold, but here in Colorado, it’s almost always sunny.  That cute coat you bought in September is for more than wearing to the bar.  Couple the sunshine with exercise, and your SAD could be on the way to glad.


Schedule it!  Maintaining a regular schedule for sleep and meals can help with the bad sleep and weight gain that often happen in winter.


Obviously, I’m not a doctor.  I just want my clients to be cheerful when we meet about their finances!



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