Cool Cheap Thrills

Welcome to summertime during a pandemic!  Chances are you are feeling stretched financially, your kids are bored with no camps to attend, you have to download an app to go to the ice cream store, and your neighborhood pool might still be on lockdown.  How will we keep cool and sane in the months ahead?


Here are a couple of fun finds that could fill the hours without emptying your wallet.


Popsicle Molds!


I bought two sets of these last year and love them.  You can even make your favorite fruit smoothies to freeze into dessert.  The straw to sip out the drippings is genius.



Trampoline Sprinklers!  Okay, if you are brave – and a way-cool parent – enough to let your kids have a trampoline, why not go all in and add water to the mix?  Yeah, this is really a thing.







Inflatable Pool.  Face it, you barely get in the pool.  You sit next to it and look at it occasionally while catching up on back issues of Us Weekly.  Maybe a quick dip to cool off for 5 minutes.  Well, your own inflatable pool (with the cooling advantage of unheated hose water) can give the same effect, with the bonus of watering your lawn when you are done.




Closing your kitchen for the summer.  That’s right kiddos, it’s all Rice Krispies, all the time!  Add some strawberries to make it healthy.  Or, eat those popsicles!  Want meat?  Fire up the grill.  You’ll save money on cooling your house and not buying all those pesky raw groceries.

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