7 Hilarious Quotes about Halloween

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It can’t all be about financial education on this blog.  Even financial advisers need to laugh between appointments where they nag people to save more.  From Twitter, here are some great quotes about Halloween.


By the way, the correct grammar was all added by me.  You are welcome.


“The scariest Halloween costume I can think of is ‘regular adult who wants to show you how well they play piano’.” @paulbwelsh


“If I pay $40 for a haunted house I better die.” @hodgesboi15


“Love seeing the creative Halloween costumes like Cold Nurse, Cold Schoolgirl, Shivering Female Superhero, Uncomfortably Chilly Pirate.” @tarashoe


“Halloween is coming up and I still have no idea what I’m going to be for the rest of my life.” @9GAG


“My daughters used to wear inappropriately sexy costumes for Halloween but now that they’re 16 they only dress that way all the time.” @DannyZuker


Friend: “What should I be for Halloween?”
Me: “My designated driver.” @causewereguys


“Congrats to Monster Mash on winning the VMA for “Best Halloween Song” for the 52nd consecutive year.” @brendohare


Happy Halloween!

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