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scary food additives

“Choosing real food is an investment in your health, offering improvement into the way you look and feel.”  (John, 2018) Well heck yes you say!  Of course, you want Real Food!  Letting labels proclaiming to be ‘natural’ and other health claims be your guide isn’t going to save you from laboratory made food your body and mind were never meant to consume.


Three of the scariest food additives:


Natural Flavoring

A catch all phrase that has more to do with flavoring than nutrition.  This is where MSG and the fluid from the sex glands from beavers (castoreum) are included in the ‘food’ along with other mysterious brain and body tricking additives and chemicals hide.



It sounds natural as it is derived from seaweed.  Although Generally Recognized as Safe/GRAS by the FDA, the National Organics Standards Board has voted to remove it from organic food.  It has a lengthy and controversial reputation for causing damage to the digestive system.


Food Dyes/Coloring

These contain cancer causing chemicals also linked to hypersensitivity, hyperactivity, rashes and immune system issues.  Real food is beautiful without added coloring.  In Europe warning labels are required, but not in America.


Once you get the hang of it, it is easy to choose healthfully even with a modern busy life.  Tam will show you how to healthfully navigate the holidays and beyond while you live it up and love yourself more.  Work with Tam for a plan you and your being love!  Contact Tam for a complimentary 15-minute conversation to discuss your wellness goals and where you feel stuck.  Find out if her approach is a fit for you.


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Reference:  John. T. 2018.  A Fresh Wellness Mindset:  Personalize Your Food Life & Find Your Truth about Gluten.  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.  North Charleston, SC.

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