Too Much Time On My Hands?

How much is too much time?  No, I’m not talking about time on the Earth. More like free time all by yourself.  Thanks to alert reader and fellow financial planner Cameron Morgan, we have an answer!


Cameron kindly sent me this article from The Guardian.


In the article it states that free time, like everything that is wonderful (wine, French fries, chocolate) is better in moderation.  Booo!  Up to two hours of free time is shown to improve health and well-being. More than five hours can decrease your well-being.


Wasted or non-productive time with other people was much better than that time spent alone.  I think it means time spent scrolling on Facebook is worse than going to a movie with a friend.


The message for people about to leave their paid careers for a life of well-earned leisure is this:  Have at least a loose plan of how you will spend this new stretch of unoccupied time each day.  Make an effort to have some of that time be with other people.


Here are 5 quick ideas to insert into a not-full day:

  1. Bake muffins for a neighbor who has children under the age of 10. Even better, make dinner for a neighbor who has a child under 18 months old.
  2. Work a shift at a local food bank.
  3. Visit a used bookstore and buy something totally out of your usual genre to read.
  4. Volunteer on your HOA board – a little aggravation in retirement is good for the mind.
  5. See a play at a small neighborhood venue. Even the local high school productions are shockingly good.


Enjoy your day.  But not too much!



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