Three Fun Ways to Save Money On Pet Care

A line item that is often bigger than I expect in client budgets is pet care.  Okay, face it, it’s dog care.  I don’t have a lot of clients with ferrets or llamas and cats are very low maintenance.  Herewith, three ways to save money on pet care – so you can add more to your investments!


  1. Shop around for medication: You can use websites such as 1-800-PetMeds or RetailMeNot for coupon codes and deals.  Also, many pet meds can be bought at people pharmacies for less.


  1. Cut back on sitters/walkers: Getting up a little early for a dog walk and getting off the couch in the evening are good for you, your dog, and your wallet.  Consider neighbors and friends that you could swap times with to fit both your schedules.


  1. Make your own pet furniture: An upside-down end table or chair filled with old towels and pillows will keep Rex cozy and save you tons of money!


Bonus idea that is REALLY just for dog lovers:  Cat owners over the age of 5 don’t dress their pets, but I see lots of dogs with nicer wardrobes than mine.  There is even a website with 26 free dog clothing patterns where you can recycle your duds to fashions for Fido.





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