Summertiiime…And the Financial Planning is Eeeeasyyyyy

No, the title is not a typo.  Click here if you need a reminder of a classic tune.


Now that you are singing, here are three reasons why summer is a great time to do financial planning.


  1. Financial advisors are not under the gun for any tax deadlines (year-end activity, tax filing business) so there is more time to focus on long-term client planning.
  2. If there are changes to be made to retirement contributions, charitable giving, mid-year tax loss harvesting, or other plans with a December 31st deadline, there is plenty of time to do it.
  3. Get ready for benefits enrollment decisions before year-end. Need more life insurance or disability coverage?  Thinking about using a Health Savings Account for the first time?  Considering how to use the Roth contribution option in your 401(k)?  Don’t wait until the 10-day open enrollment window to consider these important items.  Plan in advance with your advisor so you can just point and click when the time comes.


Was your New Year’s resolution was to be more intentional with your money? We are almost halfway to 2022!  Don’t delay, e-mail today for your summer appointment.



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