New Year’s Financial Resolutions

Making New Year’s Resolutions seems silly to many.  Too vague, forgotten by February, setting yourself up for disappointment, blah, blah.  After 2020, making plans of any kind feels ridiculous.  But, if you don’t set goals, it’s unlikely you will achieve them.


Herewith, a list of ten financial resolutions I hope some of you will try in 2021.


Not all ten, of course!  Just pick 2 or 3 that resonate with you.


  1. I will tell my kids “no” or “you have to pay for it with your own money” at least 5 times. This goes for kids aged 2 to 72.
  2. I will save at least 10% of my income for retirement.
  3. I will only look at my retirement account balances in January and June in order to avoid making fear-based decisions with my investments.
  4. I will take two classes to improve my professional skills.
  5. I will make sure I have enough life insurance by asking someone who doesn’t sell life insurance to help me calculate the right amount and insurance type.
  6. I will contribute to a Health Savings Account (if I have the appropriate paired medical insurance plan).
  7. I will review two bills (auto/home insurance, cable/internet, cell phone, gym membership, medical insurance) to see if I am getting the best price for what I use.
  8. I will buy more used things (books, clothing, home décor, exercise equipment, musical instruments, electronics).
  9. I will get paid what I am worth, no less, from my employer or clients.
  10. I will spend one less hour per day on social media. Okay, not obviously financial, but keeping away from those ad pushes, not to mention the fake-awesome lives of your friends has to benefit you in many ways.


Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year!


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