Kristi’s Annual Employee Review

This year, as Kristi was reviewing her job performance with her boss (also Kristi), the matter of compensation came up.  During the meeting, Kristi pointed out to Kristi that she hadn’t had a raise in 5 years.


Not to say that Kristi’s performance was so spectacular as to warrant huge annual raises, but, as Kristi pointed out to Kristi, costs of running the business have increased, as well as general costs of living. 


So, to prevent Kristi from joining the Great Resignation of 2021, it was decided to give her a raise.  But fear not, dear clients, Sullivan Financial Planning services will continue to be a great value.  Only the advice you ask for, no annual contracts, and no pushy sales tactics for products you don’t need.


What’s happening in for 2022?  The rate for hourly meetings will be $295.  If you buy a package of 3 appointments (or 3 hours of work) to be used within 6 months, the total cost drops to $795, a $90 savings.


Any appointments conducted before December 17, 2021, will be at the current $250 hourly fee.  Any appointments taking place starting in January 2022 will be at the new rate structure.


Another change is that the online classes that were previously on sale starting at $97 will be free to download starting in 2022.


Thank you for understanding as I increase my fees to keep up with costs.  While financial advisors who charge a percentage of assets under management get natural raises as assets go up, my flat fee has no such benefits. However, to offer a quality experience supported by good software and people that help me keep operations smooth, revenue has to increase every so often.



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