Annual Scary and Sweet Market Update

I guess it’s a good year in the stock market when the worst performing sectors (so far, as of writing this blog on September 13th) aren’t negative, just not up as high as the best performers.  My sage advice for acting on this data – don’t get used to it!


Here, with no particular plan for you to act on the information, are the best and worst performing sectors as of 75% through 2021:



Energy: Up 42.98%

Technology: Up 36.08%

Financial: Up 27.35%

Capital Goods:  Up 21.64%

Services: Up 21.26%

Consumer non-Cyclical:  20.77%



Transportation:  Up 8.03%

Utilities:  Up 8.51%

Conglomerates:  Up 11.09%

Consumer Discretionary:  Up 13.88%

Retail:  Up 14.26%

Basic Materials:  Up 16.78%


So, in the US stock market, nothing too scary, generally pretty sweet.  As a comparison, the Vanguard Total Bond Market Index is down .79% year to date, as compared with its category down 1.22%.  This is not to say you abandon bonds!  Rather, a reminder that when stocks go up, bonds are typically flat or down, which is holding true today.


Also, notice that a bad year in the bond market is really not that bad.  Stick to your diversified holdings, even when some of those holdings make you mad.


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