Christmas Gift Guide: One-Stop Shopping HERE

Christmas gift guide

Looking for something different to put under the tree this year?  How about these beauties?


  1. Don’t be bored with your old board games!  Give these adult versions of classic games from Hasbro a try!  Clue (lost in Vegas), Sorry, not Sorry (get embarrassing confessions from fellow players), and Life:  Quarter Life Crises (paying off soul-crushing debt and dealing with a phone dropped in the toilet).  Many other fun options in this link:


  1. She’s got legs (sing ZZ Top now)!  This is more of a pre-Christmas gift, but my favorite holiday accessory is candy-cane striped tights.  So warm AND fun for the office holiday party.  S.  I do NOT wear these with the 5-inch high stripper shoes and tutu as shown.


  1. But seriously folks…Who really needs more stuff? How about the gift that keeps on giving, without cluttering up the house?  That’s right, I’m talking charitable gifting!  You can give a goat, cow, or sheep to a family in need without the need to scoop poop.  How about being a source of safe funds for women starting or expanding a business in a developing company?  Or, closer to home, you can help feed people all year round with a donation to your city’s food bank.  For a list, go here:


See, all the fun of the holidays, without fighting the hoards on Black Friday.  You are welcome!

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