5 Conversation Starters for your Thanksgiving Table

5 Conversation Starters for your Thanksgiving Table

Let’s face it, even the most animated family and friends can have conversation lags during a whole day spent cooking, snacking, drinking, snacking, basting, mashing, snacking, yelling at the football game, moving things around frantically in the oven, and finally, eating!


So here are 5 Conversation Starters for your Thanksgiving Table:


Thanksgiving Mad Libs, available for $5 on Amazon is always a way bring people together for a laugh.


Find a corny Thanksgiving joke for each guest and put it at their place setting.  Go around the table and read them.  Let the groaning begin.


Do a Thanksgiving Festivus a-la Seinfeld and tell each person what has annoyed you about them this past year.  I’m totally kidding, DO NOT do that!


Have everyone say one thing in the room they are grateful for.  It could be food, another person, the extra napkins, comfy chairs, or whatever.  Kind of like I Spy with a twist.


Ask everyone what their favorite movie or book was this year.  What was their least favorite?  It’s your own Rotten Tomatoes!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!



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