3 Thank You Gift Ideas for your CPA

Here are some examples of how your CPA is feeling right about now:


  • A 2-week-old bar of soap in a public bathroom in the 1980s.
  • A cast member of The Walking Dead – zombie or apocalypse survivor, your choice.
  • A parent of colicky triplets.


Add in a labor shortage and clients getting documents to them at the last minute (not YOU, of course!) and we’ve got a potential wave of nervous breakdowns on our hands.


Yes, you pay the fee for getting your taxes done, but how about throwing a little extra love to this underappreciated group of professionals? Some ideas.


  1. Take him/her out for a post-Season drink.  This doesn’t work for everyone, but I happen to have a super-fun CPA (shout out to Elizabeth Moore), so that’s why it’s number one on the list.
  2. Send an e-gift certificate for something fun like movie tickets or a comedy show.
  3. Liquor is generally welcomed by accountants this time of year. Try Drizly or your local wine store for delivery


Show a little love for the CPAs in your life.  It will make you feel just as good as the recipient.


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