Wild is a Mild Word to Describe the Stock Market Lately

I don’t like to feed into the media hysteria when it comes to stock market drops.  As I say repeatedly to clients, friends, in this blog, and to my cat, stock market recessions are a normal part of the economy.  They last on average 12-18 months, so the pain is temporary.  Drops in the stock market are buying opportunities, not signs to sell at a loss.

By the way, I’m not saying we are in a recession.  You never know you’re in a recession until it’s almost over!

However, my loyal readers may be feeling uneasy, so I shouldn’t ignore your concerns, either!

I like this article from the Wall Street Journal (via www.fidelity.com) about what not to do during volatile stock markets.  The five “don’ts” are:

    1. Don’t panic
    2. Don’t fixate on the news
    3. Don’t be complacent
    4. Don’t get hung up on talk of a “correction”
    5.  Don’t think you or anyone else knows what will happen next

For more details, click through to the article:  https://www.fidelity.com/insights/investing-ideas/5-things-investors-should-not-do


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