Who Wants to Learn More About Wine?

I am very excited to present an interview with Nina Anderson, Wine Expert with Wine Shop at Home!  For over 12 years, Nina has been helping people learn about wine through private wine tasting experiences.  She says, “I take the snobby out of wine, because it’s just wine and it’s meant to be enjoyed with friends and family.”


Kristi:  What do you say to people who are nervous about picking wine?


Nina: This is a very real concern for so many people.  No one wants to select a bottle of wine and make a $20 mistake. What I like to tell people is to take a moment and really think about what you love in different wines.

What aromas and tastes resonate with you?  For example, if you like apples, pears, or tropical fruits, then chances are you are going to like a wine that has those same characteristics.  If you prefer sweeter foods, you’ll probably enjoy sweeter wines.

Stop buying wine based on rating points.  Like reading a movie review from a critic who gives it 5 stars, you might think, “Hm, I really didn’t think that was so great.” I like to encourage people to read the characteristics or the little rack cards next to the wines; what grapes is it made from, what are the suggested aromas you might pick up? From there you’ll likely select a bottle that works perfectly for you.


Kristi:  What are some rules of thumb on buying wine as a gift?  Say hostess or business gift?


Nina:  In my mind a gift comes from your heart. You want the person receiving your gift to feel that too.  Wine can be a great gift to give but if you aren’t exactly sure what type of wine the person you are giving the gift to, it can be a little nerve racking. Keep these simple tips in mind:

  • Give a wine that you also love and let them know it’s one of your favorites and you thought they would enjoy it too.
  • Give a bottle based upon the time of year.  If it’s summer, give a nice light and refreshing wine, or if it’s winter, think about something a little heartier that feels warm and cozy.
  • Think about the person you are giving the bottle to.  Do they prefer whites, reds or maybe sparkling?  Do they enjoy sweeter, smoother or dryer wines?  Think about the types of foods they most enjoy helping you choose what bottle to give.


Kristi:  What is your favorite varietal to drink and why?


Nina:  I love just about anything that is in my glass. But if I had to narrow it down to a specific varietal, I would go with a Pinot Noir.  Pinots are full of juicy fruit aromas and tastes; they are smooth and rounded with a nice finish.  And they pair perfectly with many different types of foods, making them very versatile.

You can enjoy a nice Pinot with grilled chicken, pork and even a burger.  They are great all year long during the warmer months and into the cooler times of the year. And I love recommending a Pinot Noir to have with your roasted turkey on Thanksgiving.


Thank you, Nina for making wine shopping more accessible! To learn more about Nina’s services and WineShop at Home, check out http://www.wineshopsthome.com/ninaanderson, or e-mail ninaswineshop@gmail.com.



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