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Top Summer Jobs for Teenagers

I can’t believe it.  My niece, who was just an infant yesterday, is now lifeguarding at the neighborhood pool where I grew up!  The family is promising her lots of visits in our string bikinis to support her and she is thrilled at the prospect.


What else are kids doing for money this summer?  While many employers only want to hire year-round workers, there are plenty of seasonal opportunities out there.

Here are some ideas


  • Amusement Parks hire for ticket sellers, food prep, and ride monitors.
  • Summer Camps! A great way to play around for a job and not spend any money because you are too tired (or tucked away from civilization) to blow your paycheck at the mall.
  • Farms will hire younger folks for weeding, watering, and working local produce stands.
  • Sports venues need people to sell food, take tickets, answer questions, and clean up.
  • Jobs at resorts, such as housekeeping, gift shop clerk, bellman/woman, and kid camp helpers.
  • Start your own business mowing lawns, tutoring, washing cars, or babysitting.
  • Work for your town. Denver has a Summer Youth Employment Program ( and a quick Google search will probably yield results in your town, too.
  • IT consultant. You know those annoying questions your parents are always asking about how to use their phones?  People without teenagers need help, too!  Make up some flyers and advertise around your neighborhood to offer phone and computer help to hapless middle-agers.


What to do with all that hard-earned cash?  Spend a little, save some for college, and ask your parents about helping you set up your first Roth IRA!

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