Three Money Tips for 2023

A short and sweet blog with a few ideas to jump start your finances in the new year.

  1. Consider CDs for money you will use in 1, 2, or 3 years.  You can lock in some decent rates on safe money these days!
  1. Talk to your kids about money.  Whether they are young, and you are hoping to get them on the right path, or adults that need to understand the gravy train from you needs to end.  There are books to help you with these conversations.
  1. Put a Home Equity Line of Credit in place.  This is a handy way to let the equity in your home pay for home maintenance or remodels.  Or, if you are planning to move, a HELOC can provide you an easy bridge loan for the down payment on your new house before you sell your current one.

There!  Back to your busy day.

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