Three Financial New Year’s Resolutions

Some people think New Year’s Resolutions are lame.  Others find them terrifying.  I, being an Upholder (from The Four Tendencies – read it already!) cannot help but make resolutions when society tells me I’m supposed to.  If you are in the camp of looking for ways to start the new year with some fresh good habits, here are few in the financial realm to try out:


  1. Designate the first week of every month No-Amazon week. That’s right, seven days without an online purchase or even a look.  Too tempting.  See how much money you will save!


  1. Outsource one activity that you hate (or are not good at) so you can spend more time on activities at which you excel. That’s right, I’m suggesting you SPEND money so you can make more money.  Or, just enjoy your life more.


Some ideas are bookkeeping, housecleaning, social media marketing, and exercising.  Just kidding with that last one.


  1. Get a current estate plan. This includes a will, durable power of attorney, and health care power of attorney.  If you have kids, a children’s trust will probably be recommended.


I suggest this to you as a resolution because I desperately need to get it done in 2022.  Now, it’s out in the world.  Hold me accountable, World!



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