Thanks for the Referrals!

It’s November and what a perfect time to thank my wonderful network of friends, clients, and colleagues for giving my name to their friends, clients, and colleagues!

So, here is a list (in no particular order and probably incomplete) of people who have referred Sullivan Financial Planning in 2015:

Erica Johnson, Ambler and Keenan

David Overton, Halbert Hargrove

Donna Patch, Innovest

Abbe Pensack, Abbe Pensack Insurance

Sally Isaacson, Nurse Family Partnership

Steve Schmitzer, Denver Water

Lisa Eastin, Buchannan and Stouffer, PC

Cameron Morgan, A&I Financial

Anne Angerman, Career Matters

Karen Van Cleve, Live Well Coaching

Kym Koontz

Claudia Carbone, freelance travel, ski and Italian food writer

Sabrina and Jessen Fahey, Fidelity/Columbia Management

Randy Kite, Ian D. Gardenswartz and Assoc., PC

Laura Srsich, Eide Bailly LLP

Robert Spicer, First Financial Equity Corporation


Of course, where would I be without my wealth adviser partners?  Thank you all for allowing me to work with your clients!

Denver Private Wealth Management – Darin Snow

Highwater Wealth Management – Dickson Griswold, Kathy Raabe, and Greg Guiffra

Gill Capital Partners – James O’Brien and John Winslow

Strategies Capital Management – David Halseth and Tom Gonnella

Private Client Wealth Advisors – Barry Steelman


Creating a brand with a tiny marketing budget is tough.  Without referrals, small businesses would not survive.  Thank you for your support!


If these topics sound like they would be of interest to you, your employees, sales conference, or professional organization, contact me at 303-324-0014 or for more information.

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