Summer Bring-to-the-Party Recipe

Summer is in full swing and as my readers are probably VERY in-demand, you may need a handy recipe to bring to all those parties at which your presence is requested.  To be the most popular guest at summer gatherings, in addition to bringing copious drinks, here is the best recipe to contribute to the festivities.


Pepper Jelly Dip


Toast 1 cup of pecans and finely chop.



¾ Cup of the pecans

½ Cup of Mayo

Dash of Tabasco sauce

Dash of salt

½ Cup green onion

2 Cups finely shredded cheddar cheese


Press above into a pie plate.

  • Spread one jar of Tabasco Hot Pepper Jelly (red) over the top.*
  • Sprinkle with remaining ¼ cup of pecans
  • Serve with crackers or celery


A note from your hostess:  Please don’t bring flowers to a party.  If they aren’t in a vase, then your host must stop what they are doing to deal with them.  Even if they are in a vase, they might cause allergic reactions among the guests or just not be the hostess’s taste.  Skip the flowers, bring Topo Chico Hard Seltzer instead.


*Note, the Tabasco brand red pepper jelly can be hard to find in Denver.  I sometimes have luck at Sprouts or Safeway.  You can substitute other brands instead.

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