Retirement Income Strategy – What’s the Best Order to Withdraw Assets? Method #3

This last method of spending down different accounts is probably the most popular.  Method #3 I’ll call the Pro-Rata System.  Simply put, you take a proportionate percentage out of each type of account every year.

For example, say you have 50% of assets in tax-deferred accounts, 25% in taxable accounts, and 25% in Roth accounts, and you’d like to take $40,000/year from your investments.  Twenty thousand dollars would come from your tax-deferred accounts, $10,000 from taxable accounts and $10,000 from Roth IRAs.


  • More predictable tax bill throughout retirement.
  • Can prevent a big tax bubble at age 70 ½ by shrinking tax-deferred accounts before the Minimum Required Distributions start.
  • Tax bill is more manageable for retiree while giving heirs a chance of inheriting favorable taxable accounts and Roth IRAs.


  • May take a little more calculation in the first years of retirement to get started.
  • Could result in a taxable income to heirs if the tax-deferred accounts are still a large portion of the estate at the retiree’s death.

Ultimately, the method you use depends on your priorities.  There is no right or wrong way.  Here are some patterns I have seen:

  • Those who are really concerned about passing wealth in a tax efficient way to heirs and don’t mind pre-paying taxes for their kids go with Method #1.
  • Retirees who are more concerned about their own financial stability in retirement and think inheritance is just gravy (or don’t want to pass anything at all) go with Method #2.
  • Method #3 is for people who just want to have a mix of taxes owed each year (income, capital gains) and a more stable tax bill over the course of retirement.  Inheritance would be okay, but isn’t the main priority.

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