Your Passion Can Be a Money Maker!

There is an old saying that goes “love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.”   That’s great, but maybe not practical for everybody.  I really appreciate the people who collect my trash, deliver my paper, and plow the streets when it snows.  Are they living their dreams with their careers?  Does work feel like work every day?  Probably, but their work is important to the public and pays the bills.


Many of us might find ourselves in jobs that we don’t LOVE, but need to keep in order to feed the family.  However, maybe there is a passion you have that can be monetized.  After you get rolling, your passion could become your full time job or part-time retirement income.


  • A lover of plants works seasonally in a garden store.
  • A car lover restores old cars on weekends and flips them for profit.
  • An HGTV addict takes classes to become a home appraiser or stager.
  • A neat freak organizes closets for friends and family for a fee.
  • A golfer works in the pro shop of his local course.
  • A high school swimming champ gives private lessons to kids during the summer.
  • A fitness buff gets certified and starts teaching classes on evenings or weekends.
  • A math lover tutors students.
  • A photography enthusiast offers family portraits for friends.
  • A nutrition activist becomes a part time sales rep for her favorite supplement manufacturer.
  • An animal lover offers grooming or training classes.
  • A skier works at his favorite resort as a host and gets a free season pass.
  • A mega-reader writes book reviews for a fee.


The list goes on.  If you are looking at improving your income, think of ways to do so while engaging in something you want to be doing, anyway.  You’ll enjoy your time and the money will be a bonus!


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