Are you a last minute shopper or a planner?

Let’s face it there are just some traits you are born with.  For example, you are either a runner or not a runner.   I fall firmly in the not runner camp.  You are a dog/cat/reptile/no-pet person.  You are a saver or a spender.  You are a morning person or a night owl.  You are an early or a last minute holiday shopper.


You can try to overcome these tendencies, but it’s hard.  Why not embrace the real you and just be the best non-running, over spending, late night, python loving, last minute shopper that you really are?  To that end, here are some benefits to being both types of shopper:


According to US News & World Report, early shoppers are happy because:

  • Better selection – those last minute shoppers will only get the pea-green iPhone covers for their kids
  • Space out the spending – smaller gift bills throughout the year are easier to pay than a huge one in January
  • Lower shipping costs – you don’t have to pay those 1-day urgent shipping charges for your online gifts
  • Spending more time with family over the holidays – versus panicked trips to the mall suggests that last minute shoppers enjoy:

  • Smaller crowds – those early shoppers are all home drunk on egg nog and watching Elf
  • Discounted prices – stores are trying to clean out before the dreaded January inventory count
  • Lower chance of discovery – kids have less chance of finding their gifts if they are only in the trunk of your car for 10 hours
  • When all else fails, your local grocer has gift cards for every personality!

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