Job Search Tips from a Seasoned Pro

Anyone out there looking for a new career opportunity?  I’m excited this week to feature Sheila Drew, Managing Director at Creative Financial Staffing in Denver to give you a peek behind the curtain of hiring managers.


Kristi:  You have placed many, many people in temporary or permanent jobs during your career.  What are the top 2 attributes that you see in people who are quickly and successfully placed versus those who wait longer for job offers?


Sheila:  I have found that the top attributes to securing a job are having an engaging and positive attitude.  People want to hire people that they like, and I have found that one of the first questions Hiring Managers ask themselves, is “Would I enjoy working with this person?”.  Most everyone enjoys being around those who are engaged and have a positive attitude.  Another is to do your research and have good questions to ask.


Kristi:  Is there a better time or worse of year to be looking for a new job?


Sheila:  No.  In all the years that I’ve been recruiting there’s no time of year that is better or worse.  A lot of people will quit their job search during the holiday season (Thanksgiving to end of the year) thinking no one hires at this time.  That is a misconception – A lot of companies want to get their positions filled before the end of the year, so they are ready to go at the beginning of the new year.


Kristi:  You focus on placing candidates in finance and IT jobs.  Are there types of companies hiring for those positions that would be surprising?  It can’t all be Amazon and Apple, correct?


Sheila:  Correct.  Colorado has a very strong economy of small to mid-sized companies.  Overall, small to mid-sized companies are the biggest employers in our state.


Thank you, Sheila for your insights!  If you are looking to hire or be hired in the finance, accounting, or information technology fields, check out Sheila’s website


Sheila joined Creative Financial Staffing of Colorado (CFS of Colorado) as an Executive Recruiter in December 1999 and took over as Managing Director of the Denver Branch Office in 2004. Sheila specializes in the placement of accounting and finance professionals in a variety of positions from CFOs to staff levels. Sheila has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Metropolitan State College in Denver.




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