A Fun Way to Punish Your Kids!


If you are an active mom on Facebook, this is old news.  If you are like me and employ someone to be active for you on Facebook (I’m talking to you Social Seed Marketing), you won’t have heard of this yet.


If your kid gets in trouble, there are fewer ways of dealing with it these days.  Making them go out and cut a switch from the tree so you can use it on them seems to have gone out of favor.  What does that leave?  Making them stay home for some period of time and taking away their screens.  NOW who is getting punished?


Now What?

So, someone came up with this genius list to let kids “buy” their way out of being grounded by doing extra chores around the house.  Here is an example, but you would probably need to modify it to fit your family’s needs.  For example, my kids have to mow the lawn, anyway, so it’s not going on the points list.  But, I could add cleaning off my greasy cabinet fronts or wiping down the baseboards.   

 chore chart


What does this have to do with financial planning?  It’s a stretch, I admit.  Mostly I just thought is was cool and wanted to share.  Maybe by getting your kids to do more around the house, they will become productive members of society sooner, therefore saving you money when they launch from your payroll at an earlier age.


Yeah, good luck with that!

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