Financial Planners in the Community

Have you ever wanted to meet with someone to get advice on your finances, but didn’t feel comfortable hiring a financial planner?  Or, do you just have a few questions, but don’t need a big financial plan?  Good news!  There are financial planners out in the community doing pro-bono (free) work.

The Financial Planning Association provides opportunities for financial planners to go out into the community and help those in need.  This can take the form of a Financial Planning Day where planners gather a public place and do 20-minute quick appointments with the public.  There are also presentations given in association with Money Smart Week.  Some news stations offer call-in hours where you can phone in and speak to a planner for free.  MoneyLine 9 is an example here in Denver.

Free financial planning events are typically advertised in the local newspaper and on TV and radio in the month leading up to the events.  Keep an eye out for flyers at your church or school, too.  You can always Google “free financial planning Your City,” but a bunch of sponsored stuff comes up first, so you’ll have to scroll down to get what you are looking for.

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