5 Cheap Things to Do for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

Sure, your sweetie wants to be surprised by a romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day.  You know what’s even more romantic?  A partner who is financially stable and saving steadily for the future.  So, how can you be both the dreamy AND smart partner?  Read on for a few inexpensive ideas that will have his/her all starry-eyed for you.


Poster Board Valentine

Buy red poster board and candy bars to stick to it.  Cut out in the shape of a heart.  Use the candy bars as ways to describe your lovely on the poster board.  So sweet!


Hot Chocolate and Ice Skating

Most cities have a winter skating rink that is cheap or free. Bring your own thermos of hot chocolate (spiked or not, it’s up to you) and slide around on the ice, clinging to your honey for dear life.  That’ll warm you up!


Local Tourist

Visit a museum or landmark in your city that you’ve never explored before.


Hidden Love Notes

Hide small notes with candy around the house and let your lovely know that the hunt is on!


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank.  Creativity is more fun, anyway!

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