Are you searching for financial education finding only sales pitches?

Long, boring books and whitepapers too general be useful. Videos or newsletters that make personal finance seem like rocket science. So-called free classes at the library followed up by endless sales pitches.

There is a better way.

Take advantage of these free online financial planning classes. They are direct and to-the-point. The classes don’t talk down to you or over your head. Whether you are just getting started or about to retire, there is a class to help you progress to the financial future you envision.

Financial Planning for Everyone!

Learn the skills you need to achieve financial security

Creating a plan for your money to help achieve you dreams is not only for the rich. By learning the language of personal finance, you can put yourself on the road to financial success. These fun classes provide a no-sales and no-bull set of instructions to allow you to accomplish your money goals that support your unique life vision.

Online Financial Planning Classes

These FREE online financial planning classes provide step-by-step instructions supported by worksheets to help answer some of your most pressing money questions.

Building your
Financial Foundation

This class helps prioritize savings goals and shows you how to create a solid foundation on which to build for your higher goals.

Lesson 1- Prioritize savings goals

Lesson 2- How to Save for Retirement

Lesson 3- How to create a portfolio

 Introduction to Retirement Income Planning

A primer on how to transition from saver to spender in retirement.

Lesson 1- Assumptions about planning for retirement

Lesson 2- Social Security and Pensions

Lesson 3- What’s My Number?

Retirement Income Investing

Learn how to create a paycheck in retirement from your investments.

Lesson 1- Two Methods for retirement withdrawals

Lesson 2- Withdrawal sequence (what accounts come first?)

Lesson 3- RMDs and Annuities

Intermediate Investing Concepts

This class picks up where Building Your Financial Foundation left off with
more in-depth material on creating and managing a portfolio.

Lesson 1 - Diversify and Hold Steady

Lesson 2- Demystifying Investment Jargon

Lesson 3 - Putting Your Portfolio In Place

Free Online Video Financial Strategies

Have Questions?

Im happy to answer any question you might have and help you make the wisest choice for you.

Modules are 15-45 minutes.  Plan for extra time to fill in worksheets.

Yes, Kristi offers one-on-one appointments through video chat or phone for $295 per hour.

You can play the classes and videos as often as you like.

Individuals looking to learn the basics of personal finance and put a plan in place that they can live with for the long-term.

These classes do not cover day-trading, market timing techniques, options strategies, or individual stock-picking.  Kristi recommends using traditional mutual fund, exchange traded funds and banking products.  There is no tax or legal advice given in the classes.