Top 5 Ways I Wish I Could Save Money, But Never Will

Continuing the theme of last week’s blog, here are some solid ideas for saving money that I will probably not be implementing.  But, maybe you can!


#1:  Getting rid of Cable.  I could very easily go without TV.  It would save me from having to watch Tiny House Hunters and going into weekly rages about the idiocy of the people featured (see last week’s blog).  However, I am married.  To a man.  I will never be able to get rid of cable.


#2:  Groceries for under $1,000/month.  I shared an article link recently about a man whose wife and 13 children live debt free in the Washington DC area.  He had many good insights and ideas, but the thing I couldn’t get over what that they only spent $1,250/month on food for a family of 15.  Fifteen! I can’t get out of the grocery store for under $250/week and there are only four in my house.  And, I’m a pretty consistent coupon clipper.  You’d think a family of 15 would spend $500/month in toilet paper alone.


#3:  Unlimited Data Phone Plan.  Now that I have one son (and soon to be two) on my phone plan, I cannot imagine having to track and limit the texts, phone minutes, and downloads of three people.  My son has a friend who he can never contact after the 2nd week of the month because he has run out of texts. Of course he has!  What a pain.


#4:  Being a bad tipper:  See last week’s #3.


#5: Skiing:  This is an expensive habit and of course, I could stop.  Someday, my knees will dictate that I do, but in the meantime, bring on the snow!

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