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I was thrilled to be included in this article from about seniors who are ready to retire from a full-time job…but who might want to keep working a job that will allow them to stay active. I talk about how your age can affect your income tax while Karen Van Cleve, a fabulous Lakewood, CO personal and business coach, offers suggestions for part-time work.


Eight percent of U.S. adults earned money from an online work platform in the past year, while 2% sold handmade goods online and 1% had income from home-sharing sites, according to the Pew Research Center. Seniors are less likely than younger generations to participate; for example, about 2% went online for gig work. But older people who venture there typically earn a bigger share of their income online, as the graphic below shows.

Sharing-economy work can add more social interaction and challenges to your day, as well as make your savings last longer. Here are three pointers to find your way.

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