Kids vs. Clients: The Working/Non-Working Mom Dilemma

kids vs. clients

Darned if we do, darned if we don’t.


I had a hilarious conversation with a client who recently relocated to Arizona to be closer to her kids and grandchildren.  She is still working at a job she loves, but thinking of retiring soon.  She said to me, “I feel guilty when I’m playing with my grandkids and not serving my clients.  Then I feel guilty when I’m working and not with the grandkids.”


Do you ever feel this way?


My client described exactly how I feel over summer vacation (fast approaching!), when there are not enough hours to have fun with the kids and feel responsive to client needs.  So, a general pervasive feeling of guilt hangs over summers for me.


Well, darn it!  Here I thought that particular working mom dilemma would go away when my kids are grown.  Only to find out that I may have a reprieve from those feelings for about 12 years after the kids are launched…and then be right back in it when I become a grandmother.


The cycle begins again.


Kids vs. Clients. Oh, to be Wonder Woman….


And we wonder why there is a gender pay gap?  I guess trying to be Wonder Woman does not translate into Wonder Income.  Sheryl Sandberg, help!


Anyway, not much advice in this blog.  Just some random musing.  Next week, look for something more number-y.

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