Should Your Kid Even go to College? A look at some alternatives.


Is college for everyone?


In the last of my August series on education, I wanted to look at some alternatives to the traditional university path.  After all, at an average cost (tuition plus room and board) of $25,000/year for public in-state or $50,000/year for private schools, you may be questioning your will or ability to send little Bertha to college at all.


Let’s be real, college is not for everyone.  Not every person is suited to study for four years or more to then sit at a desk in front of a computer.  What are the other options?


How about a trade?


My sister dreams of one of her kids becoming a hair dresser so she has in-house beauty talent at her fingertips.  Right now, I’d really like a plumber in the family because every one of my toilets is making a different weird noise.


Here are a few non-degree jobs with average salaries found around the internet:

  • Elevator Installer – Median salary $80,000/year
  • Plumber – $45,000/year
  • Electrician – $60,000/year
  • Surgical Technician – $45,000/year
  • Wind Turbine Technician – $51,000/year
  • Construction Foreman – $45,000/year


These salaries are less than a doctor or lawyer, but people can make a decent living without having gone to college.  Also, you may start out a plumber working for someone else, but imagine the earnings possibilities if you work your way into owning a plumbing company!

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