Hitting Your Stride

Your earnings are growing, you have a start on building your nest egg, but what are you missing?

Happy FamilyIncluded in your plan:

  • 1 Hour data gathering and goal setting meeting.
  • Monte Carlo based simulation to determine your annual retirement savings target for various retirement years and scenarios.
  • Analysis of your investments to include quality, diversification, and cost across all of your accounts.
  • Check up on your current life insurance for the right amount, the proper type of policy and potential cost savings.
  • College savings plan.
  • 90-minute plan presentation.
  • 1 follow up meeting for help with plan implementation.
  • 1 year of planner availability by phone for questions.

Cost:  $2,500*  Annual retainer for ongoing advice is available.

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*Pricing subject to increase depending on complexity of planning goals. You will receive a fixed quote for your personal plan before we start work.