Do you have questions about your finances?

This is the most popular way for clients to engage my services. There is no long-term commitment, no annual percent-of-your-assets fee, and no sales pitches for whole life insurance or annuities.

Clients pay me by the hour to discuss their hopes, worries, questions, and urgent decisions. This is like therapy where the counselor is handy with a calculator.

Personal Appointments via Zoom or Phone

If you would like to talk to a financial planner about your unique goals, financial decisions, or dilemmas, contact me to set up a 15-minute phone call.

During the call, we can see if there is a fit for working together.  If so, we can set up a one-hour consultation by phone, or zoom.

The rate for meetings and pre-work is $250/hour.  Topics typically covered are (not all in one hour!):

  • Investment check-up.
  • Setting personal savings goals for retirement, college, or other life milestones.
  • Helping decide if you can afford a large life change (home purchase, remodel, starting a business, career change, second home purchase, etc.).
  • When can you retire?
  • How much can you spend in retirement?
  • Using a windfall (inheritance, work bonus, lottery winnings) responsibly.
  • Do you need life insurance?  What kind? How much?
  • Does Long Term Care insurance make sense for you?
  • Combining finances as a new couple.
  • Signing up for employee benefits.
  • Whether or not to purchase a rental property.
Schedule your 15 Min Phone Call

What Happens After the Initial Call?

After our first conversation, Kristi will e-mail you some oh-so-fun regulatory documents (privacy policy, etc.) and her Client Fact Finder.  In the e-mail will be a link to Kristi’s calendar for one-hour appointments.  If you’d like a meeting, grab a slot and we are on our way!

Kristi Sullivan | personal financial advisor denver

People often ask, “Who is your ideal client?” 

Is it a certain amount of investments? A certain set of professions? 

Nope, it’s easier than that: I work best with clients who naturally spend within their income. 

What I do well:

  • Prioritize savings goals.
  • Calculate reasonable annual savings targets for retirement, college, house purchase, and other life objectives.
  • Analyze your current investments and suggest specific changes.
  • Cut through the mumbo-jumbo of investment terms and give you a concrete plan of to-dos to reach your life milestones and financial security.
  • Transition clients from earners to retirees.

What I don’t do well:

  • Analyze or create budgets.
  • Design plans to get out of credit card debt.
  • Improve credit scores.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of student loan repayment options.

If you are looking for someone to help you with a spending and budgeting plan, assist in increasing your credit score, and generally improve your relationship with money, may I suggest these resources

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