Financial Wellness Classes

Group Listening to a PresentationDo you think getting financial education has to be boring and monotonous? Or maybe you think of getting financial advice as being screamed at by a television day-trading know-it-all. Good news! It doesn’t have to be that way.

For over 15 years, I have been helping groups make sense of financial mumbo-jumbo and gain confidence to take control of their finances.


My presentations include real world examples, humor, and plain talk to make complex ideas seem approachable and even fun for any kind of audience.

Presentations available are:

  • Investing Basics
  • Intermediate Investing Concepts
  • Budgeting and Credit Scores
  • College Savings Options
  • How to Save for Retirement
  • Juggling Multiple Savings Goals
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Women and Investing
  • Planning for the Pre-Retiree
  • Your Money/Your Partner: Combining your Finances
Contact me if you have a group of employees, an event, or a conference where financial education would enhance your programming!