You’ve spent an hour with Kristi. 

She gave you fabulous, actionable ideas. 

If you have a complex situation that requires analysis of multiple financial scenarios and/or a deep dive into your current investments, a project-based financial plan may be the next step.

After your first one-hour consultation, you decide whether continuing as-needed hourly appointments or doing an in-depth planning project is best.  Kristi will create a custom proposal with pricing and a scope of work, so you know exactly what to expect.

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In-Depth Financial Planning

Packages for more complex financial planning start at $2,000.  The cost and scope of work is customized for each client, but typically include:

  • Modeling for retirement income using different variables (age, income, savings prior to retirement, inheritance, business sale, use of home equity, etc.).
  • Pension and Social Security analysis.
  • Investment examination and specific recommendations if changes are needed.
  • Life and Long-Term care insurance needs analysis.
  • 1 year of implementation help, follow up and unlimited questions from date of plan presentation.
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People often ask, “Who is your ideal client?” 

Is it a certain amount of investments? A certain set of professions? 

Nope, it’s easier than that: I work best with clients who are not deeply in debt, and they appreciate financial advice.  

What I do well:

  • Prioritize savings goals.
  • Calculate reasonable annual savings targets for retirement, college, house purchase, and other life objectives.
  • Analyze your current investments and suggest specific changes.
  • Cut through the mumbo-jumbo of investment terms and give you a concrete plan of to-dos to reach your life milestones and financial security.
  • Transition clients from earners to retirees.

What I don’t do well:

  • Analyze or create budgets.
  • Design plans to get out of credit card debt.
  • Improve credit scores.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of student loan repayment options.

If you are looking for someone to help you with a spending and budgeting plan, assist in increasing your credit score, and generally improve your relationship with money, may I suggest these resources

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